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*work by women and TGNC (Trans & Gender Non-Conforming) musical theatre book writers, composers, and lyricists 


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At The Sappho Project, we provide the platform for women and TGNC musical theatre book writers, composers, and lyricists to share their work. We want our industry to more accurately reflect all perspectives, stories, and experiences. Don't you?

By providing simple and direct access to resources, we are seeking to make original work visible. We support early career artists by producing new works and connecting artists to collaborators and mentors.


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Justine Goggin


Sappho Small Talk

Interviews, thought-pieces, and musings from women and TGNC musical theatre makers.

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Imagining New Suns: Part 2
By Amara Brady

Imagining New Suns: Part 1

By Amara Brady

Theatre and the Fallacy of "Safety"
By Simone Montague

In and Out of Context By Carolyn Bacon


The Diversity Myth
By Arielle Isack

Upcoming Grants, Festivals & Workshops

Multi-Hyphenate: A Conversation with Emily Gardner Xu Hall

Pandemic Perspective: A Conversation with Preston Max Allen


Musing: They Wrote Themselves Into Existence

Pressing Pause: A Conversation with Rona Siddiqui

The Real Empathy Blind Spot: A Conversation with Angelica Chéri


"Beauty endures only for as long as it can be seen;
goodness, beautiful today will remain so tomorrow."


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